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Click on the "Get Started" button to launch the interactive tool. We will request that you submit your company information including business size and number of processes using personal information. We will also ask you what type of service you are looking for. If you are not sure what service you need, select "Other Consulting Services" and someone will get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.
Once you have submitted your request we will review it and contact you with any further information necessary to draw up a proposal. We will contact you by telephone or email to collect any outstanding information we require to conclude your quotation. Your quote will be based on a combination of the type of service you are looking for, the size of your organisation, as well as the number of business units processing personal data.
Once you have accepted our proposal, we will kickstart your support program. When the formalities are out of the way, we will lauch your support program either through an offline process, or we will send you a unique link to kickstart the required assessment.

Our Services

Data Protection Implementation Services

  • Training

    Ensuring compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act is Embedded in Your Organisation.

    Regular training improves efficiency. Training demonstrates compliance with POPIA. Training delivers a lot of benefits for minimum outlay.

    Staff will need a good background in the whys and wherefores of the POPIA. In the case of those with more seniority as well as front line staff will need some easy to understand background to support learning the practical steps they’ll need to apply to customers in a variety of different circumstances. It’s equally important that staff are reminded of the obligation to speak up if they notice a potential problem or breach.

  • Information Officer & other key resources outsourcing

    One of the top challenges organisations face when building a privacy program across various business units, especially in technical environments, is that many organizations do not have adequately trained data protection personnel.

    Outsourced Information Officer draw upon a breadth of knowledge far deeper than would be possible for a small team or a single individual to acquire and maintain. Being part of a wider team means that additional resources can be brought in as and when required. As an operating expense, you pay only for the time from your IO that you use, and you never need to meet the cost of ongoing training, benefits packages, absence, holidays or sickness, and you avoid all employment liabilities. Outsourced IO take an objective and proactive, rather than reactive approach to your requirements. Your IO’s activities are monitored and managed by Bahati Tech management, so they do not consume the time or attention of your management team.

    Fundamentally, we believe that all these benefits combined means we provide far greater value for data protection key roles than is possible from a small team, a single independent contractor or an internal employee.

  • Gap Analysis

    Using remote interview techniques, our POPIA gap analysis process will determine how assured we are that you are running an effective POPIA compliancy program. Our POPISA readiness assessment helps you identify the gaps in the current state and helps you identify the action items for compliance

    Minimal disruption and low cost to your business Objective analysis of how you manage your POPIA environment A detailed report with a POPIA checklist of prioritised recommendations An Assurance Score so you can monitor your progress

    We have developed an efficient, cost effective assessment methodology that uses the minimum amount of time from your company resources. Where there are gaps between POPIA best practice and your environment, we will recommend remedial actions to be taken by your organisation.

  • Supplier Assessments

    If you are signing up for a service where you will be storing personally identifiable information, or if you are considering using a mobile or desktop application which will be handling PII, you should make sure that the company behind the product or service at minimum matches your internal organisations data protection standards and takes the adequate steps to comply with the POPIA.

    Assessments are critical for understanding the risk you’ve inherited from your suppliers, and for creating a plan to mitigate that risk. Know which vendors pose the most risk Once you’ve identified the risks, you can set controls and metrics for the vendors that pose the greatest risk to your data Continuously monitoring Use our intelligent online tool to streamline the third-party privacy risk management process. Optimized Template

    Choosing suppliers wisely in the first place is the best way to prevent third party data breaches and poor performance. A well-structured supplier evaluation process can help your organisation to acts as a stopgap to prevent and limit any vulnerabilities.

  • Consulting Services

    Our POPIA Consultants help you in remediating the POPIA Compliance gaps by providing expert advisory on POPIA Compliance

    POPIA readiness mapping Data flow mapping Identify & Classify Personal Data Personal Information Impact Assessment Data breach management Managing data subject access requests POPIA Policies & Procedures

    Our POPIA consulting team is uniquely cross-functional. In contrast to traditional law firms, Bahati Tech provicdes the complex intersection of IT, Data Protection, and Operational Expertise.

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